Jun. 24th, 2014

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* Zach is pacing the floor, nervous about getting his wisdom teeth out today. He's going the oral surgery route - and he's more nervous about getting an IV than he is about having four teeth pulled. Ladies and gentlemen, my kid.

ETA: He's done and looped on painkillers. Procedure went well and he's got some pain even above the painkillers. Poor baby.

* Did some freelance work on the husband's motorcycle club website. Redid the navigation, created a registration form, got their Paypal button working the way they need it to work. It was fun, and I enjoyed it, even if one of the members isn't thrilled with the way it looks. To my mind, she can hire a designer, do it herself, or endure. You can teach a designer to code, but you can't teach design to a coder - if the graphic art ability isn't there, it isn't there.

* Been reading some really good books for ATUF lately. Makes me happy after a long line of not-so-greats.

* The World Cup is going to kill me. Of this, I'm sure. Already the dog's afraid to be in the room with me (after the USA v Portugal game, he hid in our walk in closet the rest of the night.)

ETA: Luis the Cannibal strikes again. He needs a lifelong ban if he can't keep his teeth to himself.

* I still believe USA can do it, but I'm also rooting for Holland, Germany, France, Costa Rica, Belgium, and Mexico just because Ochoa is epic in goal.

* Work continues to be completely without direction. No clear role, no clear path, no idea if I can ever advance out or up. Hopefully that will clarify a little more, one way or the other, after the all-day meeting with the team/new VP tomorrow.

Not much else from me. Just rollin with it and finding new things that make me smile.


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