Oct. 12th, 2014

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So it's been over two months since I've updated this thing. Oops?

* Dex has officially been released from his knee surgery. It was a rough road filled with many sleepless nights and times I was sure we were going to have to make The Decision. Every time, though, he bounced back. He's fully healed, back to normal activity, though stairs are still a no-no if we're not with him for a while.

* He's had two infections, though, so there's still a chance they'll have to go back in and take out the plate and screws they put in to help the bone set/heal. It happens sometimes, but it's not nearly the ordeal as the original reconstruction since the bone is healed now.

* Taking him in tomorrow - pretty sure he's got another infection

* Personally I've been working from home almost exclusively for the past two months and desperately do NOT want to start commuting again.

* Starting to seriously think about changing jobs within my department. It's not that I mind what I do, I don't, but I'd like at least the idea that I can one day advance in my chosen career. I'd LOVE to find something that requires I travel. For long periods.

* Arrow season premiere pretty much killed me dead.

* I'm getting sick and don't want to - not because being sick sucks, but because in this house, I take care of everyone when they get sick, but when I do, everyone ignores it because then it means I can't take care of them. So I get to do everything I normally do...I just have to do it while feeling like ass.

* I think I'm finally giving in and getting an iPad once the Air 2 is announced and the Air price drops.

* I might finally list something on eBay. I want to ditch my formal china/stemware/flatware because we have never used it and we never will. I have my Great Grandmother's for Thanksgiving/Christmas and that's really the only time we use anything like it.

Nothing much else of interest. Hope y'all are good.


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