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* Zach is pacing the floor, nervous about getting his wisdom teeth out today. He's going the oral surgery route - and he's more nervous about getting an IV than he is about having four teeth pulled. Ladies and gentlemen, my kid.

ETA: He's done and looped on painkillers. Procedure went well and he's got some pain even above the painkillers. Poor baby.

* Did some freelance work on the husband's motorcycle club website. Redid the navigation, created a registration form, got their Paypal button working the way they need it to work. It was fun, and I enjoyed it, even if one of the members isn't thrilled with the way it looks. To my mind, she can hire a designer, do it herself, or endure. You can teach a designer to code, but you can't teach design to a coder - if the graphic art ability isn't there, it isn't there.

* Been reading some really good books for ATUF lately. Makes me happy after a long line of not-so-greats.

* The World Cup is going to kill me. Of this, I'm sure. Already the dog's afraid to be in the room with me (after the USA v Portugal game, he hid in our walk in closet the rest of the night.)

ETA: Luis the Cannibal strikes again. He needs a lifelong ban if he can't keep his teeth to himself.

* I still believe USA can do it, but I'm also rooting for Holland, Germany, France, Costa Rica, Belgium, and Mexico just because Ochoa is epic in goal.

* Work continues to be completely without direction. No clear role, no clear path, no idea if I can ever advance out or up. Hopefully that will clarify a little more, one way or the other, after the all-day meeting with the team/new VP tomorrow.

Not much else from me. Just rollin with it and finding new things that make me smile.

Date: 2014-06-24 02:00 pm (UTC)
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Dude, I can't lie. When I had my breast reduction surgery last year, the worst part of it all, still, is the IV. Not the pain or the healing or the fear or the surgery.

Totally the IV. I almost passed out when they put it in.


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