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* Taken to a surprise lunch today by Manager...to find out I'd been put forward for a Performance Award from my company (something suggested by my new VP who at one point thought I wasn't senior level material). I got the award, and a very handsome check. I got a little weepy over my salad. Apparently the hell of this spring paid off in at least one bit of happiness. I don't even care about the money, really. It was reading what she, Manager, wrote, and the acknowledgement of what I did and do.

* The little girl being a complete shit to my son with the "I want to be with you" "I can't break up with him" is at it again and I just spent twenty minutes with him crying on my shoulder. I want to kick that little girl in the face. /Mama Bear

* Learning life lessons is hard....watching your children learn them is worse. By an order of magnitude.

* In happy kid news, Zach pulled a 4 on his APUSH exam. Kid will be starting college with 3 credit hours. /Proud Mama Bear

* It's been humid/raining/storming here for two days and it's seriously messing with me

* I'm all for being up on your religious beliefs and shouting them to the rooftops if that's your thing. But witnessing in a job interview might be a wee bit much.

* Go Germany! Boo Holland :(

Peace out, all. I'm done in for the day.

Date: 2014-07-15 02:35 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] wildefae
Congratulations on the performance award! :D I completely agree about acknowledgement - it just feels really good to hear from other people do, actually, notice that you're putting in the effort and that it pays off.

Boo at the girl being a shit to your son :| It's probably, long run, a nice big neon sign not to waste his time going out with someone like that, but MAN do crushes suck, no matter how old you are or aren't.


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