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I've decided to try and blog Dex's adventures through his knee surgery. God knows how long this will last, but I might need the outlet.

This morning was two different vet offices - one to Dex's normal vet for a second opinion (Yep, he needs the surgery), then a bout of pleading with the orthopedic surgeon's office to get an appointment today instead of Wednesday. Providence was on my side and she got me squeezed in this morning. Good thing, too, because there is some major damage to his knee. Not just the CCL (which is what most dogs injure) but he tore it so bad there are bone fragments in the joint and he also messed up his ACL (the vet thinks - he won't know until he gets in there.)


Tomorrow he goes in to get it repaired. The only luck we have is that he's 10, and not as hyperactive as he was even three years ago. Spending most of the day sleeping won't be a big change for him. He will miss his walks, though. Thankfully, they know labradors, so they'll be sending us home with sedatives to keep him calm.

He was a crate dog as a puppy and we kept the crate. So this afternoon when I logged off work, I got it out and cleaned up. Put in some blankets that smell like us and a pillow. I'm going to get a pad for underneath the blankets because the metal bottom, I think, needs a little more padding than the blankets.

Home sweet home

I'm dropping him off at 8.30 and will pick him up Wednesday morning around the same time. That means I've got tomorrow to get the last of the post-op supplies and sleep in my bed for a change (I've been down on the couch with him since stairs are a no no.

Thankfully, my boss is a dog person (shed has two of them) and has given me leave to work from home as much as I need through the process. Similarly thankful for the impulse to add the ADT security camera to our account. This way, even if I'm not home, I can log in to the camera and check on him.

Yeah, I'm a worrier. Sue me.

Date: 2014-07-22 04:05 am (UTC)
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Hope everything turns out okay for your poor pup! <3


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