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Saw this on [personal profile] abigail89's journal and have some time to kill, so why not?

1. How many jobs have you had? 15+
Good lord. Retail worker (4x), Orange Julius, office help, desk monitor, office manager (3x), day care worker, home proofreader, quality analyst/editorial coordinator, enrollment analyst, web content analyst (current), babysitter, "Mom, where is my...."

2. When did ou first connect to other people via computers?
1994 I was starting to frequent Prodigy bulletin boards and right before I stopped work to have DJ, my mom and I made our modems connect and chatted for a few minutes.

3. We're/are you on AOL? Compuserve?LJ?Dreamwidth? A listserv? other?
Prodigy and AOL, still on LJ and Dreamwidth

4. If you went to college, does you major match your career/current job?
Not even remotely (English major, creative writing concentration)

5. Have you had a mammogra? Colonoscopy?
Not yet. I know, I know.

6. When did you get your first cell phone? What was it like? (have a screen? text abitily? a brick or flip?)
1996 and it was a brick. I had to get a new purse to hold it...and the antenna stuck out of the top of the purse and it didn't do anything but call people.

7. When did you family first acquire a color TV?
My parents: I honestly don't remember, but it would have been early 80s because we had one in San Diego. I remember my brother hooking his Commodore 64 up to it and the display was in color.

8. When did you familiy acquire a second TV?
My parents: Probably 1985, when we moved to a three level townhouse and the TV was in the bottom floor and their bedroom was on the third.
Us: We always had two - when we combined households, I brought mine with me

9. Did you ever own designer jeans?
I had the look you want to know better

10. Have you ever been to a disco?
Nope, I was too young. Something I'm daily thankful for.

11. How many places have you lived in?
Yikes, this is kind of like the job thing. San Diego (2x), Newport (3x), Annapolis, Seattle, Springfield (2x) Fredericksburg, Honolulu, Chesapeake (2x), Norfolk, Great Lakes.

12. Have any of your contemporary friend died? (people more or less your age)
A few close acquaintances have died.

13. Are your parents still living?

14. Do you have any gray hair?
Easier to ask if I have any brown hair left. I'm about 50% thanks to crappy genes.

15. Did you or your family own a Betamax?
We did, I'm ashamed to say. We thought VHS would lose the battle.

16. How did you spend New Year's Eve 1999/2000?
At home in our Springfield house with the kids

17. What the oldest article of clothing you still wear?
I still have, and wear, a few of my college sweatshirts.

18. Do you eat your veggies?
Not very often, but I have a newfound love for string beans.

19. Are the privileges of adulthood worth the responsibilities?
Wait. There are privileges?

20. Do you feel like an adult?
Only when I see the wrinkles. Most of the time I still feel, and act, like I'm barely into my 20s

21. Is youth wasted on the young?
Most definitely.
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