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Once again, it's been close to 2 months since I've updated this bad boy, but this time it's for a better reason than circular RPG navel-gazing.

There's been talk on FB of a bit of an LJ revival - old schoolers who drifted off for various reasons to other social media outlets making their way back home again.

I, for one, am all for it. While yes, there have been times where even my LJ posts were under 140 characters, interaction on social media is hit or miss. Facebook might show your post to your friends, it might not. Twitter sometimes moves so fast that a single post can get lost in a slew of back and forth tweets between others. Tumblr, while great for pictures and fun stuff, is a seriously crap venue for any kind of interaction.

And yes, sometimes you just need to go Ranty McRanterson and you don't want the whole world to be privy.

So! That said - here's what I've been up to. In my traditional asterisk manner.

* Thing 1 is doing well, in school to learn welding after learning the hard way that "just getting a job" wasn't a viable option if he wants to make enough to live on. He's excelling there and I couldn't be more proud of how he's turned himself around after the disaster that was April of 2014. He's found himself a beautiful woman named Pam and the two are blissfully happy. She's a lovely person and I am sure one day I will proudly welcome her as my first daughter.

* Thing 2 will be moving into his dorm on the 21st. He's going to a local school, ODU, but living on campus. He graduated back in June (38th in a class of 600) and earned himself a seriously impressive academic scholarship even as he struggled with serious clinical depression. I put a lot of that success on his therapist, Ronna, a clinical social worker specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy (and Zoloft.) He's excited for the adventure to come and his room is currently a maze of packed bins ready for transport.

* I'm still me. I've started to loom knit, still play a bit in an RPG, and have added meditative coloring to my list of de-stressers. I'm still with Amerigroup (now a part of Anthem) and eternally giggling that I got my current position by using my work on Restricted Section as proof of experience. D and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary in May and we have a new fur baby, a female Shiba Inu named Chelsea, aka 18 pounds of evil.

Love to all.
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