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Further to the huge image I posted last night - and a comment from [personal profile] likebunnies I'm reposting my Nimbus memories (both the pre-squeeage and the after post as well.

I think we all know my crappy iconning skilz by now (as evidenced by the one I altered for this post) but I gave it my best shot :)

So many names in these entries, so many memories. I feel like I jumped feet first into the nostalgia pool and I seriously don't want to climb out again. I want to go back in time to that wonderful weekend and live it all over again.

July 16, 2003 )

July 22, 2003 )
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The LJ Users sign up from Nimbus (which was ten years ago this month for those that want a brief mind-blown moment.)

More than a few names on there that are blasts from the past - mine isn't, though, because back then, my LJ name was still my full name. I think it was after Nimbus that I made the switch to the current name.

Booyah! Thanks [personal profile] smilie117 and [personal profile] likebunnies I found me!

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Post movie

Mar. 29th, 2013 12:44 am
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Was going to do what I always do when coming back from a midnight release - and do the epic squee post about how much I loved and adored the movie (and I did, omg, did I ever - nearly five years waiting to see it brought to life and it was everything I hoped for.)

But it's late, I'm tired, and I think there's only one other person reading my journal who'd read it or even really GAF - and I'll just squee with her tomorrow.

I will say that it's worth seeing - its an incredible story, both in print and on screen. I laughed, cried, cheered, sighed. Just amazing.

And it's made my alien even louder in my head. No, the symmetry isn't lost on me, either.
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My little alien's movie comes out today and I'm almost more excited for this than I was for the Twilight movies...because I've loved this book since first reading (and the subsequent 4 re-readings and re-listenings to the audiobook.) and have waited for this movie for nearly 5 years.

And there's this:

So for the next few days, I'll probably be all Host-blissed. Still tagging what comes in when it comes in, but I might be prone to random bursts of squeeage.
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I'm now officially without an active fandom. I left Harry behind a few years before the active canon ended, Twilight's active canon concluded with the end of the foreign premieres today.

I was never a part of the Hunger Games fandom, though I'm still looking forward to the movies. If there was an active fandom for The Host, or the Dark Hunters, or Armstrong's Darkest Powers series, I've never found them.

I don't see many things being pimped around much because their aren't many comms on DW and I don't see many on my flist there talking about fandoms. LJ used to be the place to find that stuff, but I've notice a lot of LJ peel-off in the last two years or so.

This makes me kind of sad. Especially since Goodreads is a terrifically crap place to talk about books.

/tired eibbil bummertimes


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