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Further to the huge image I posted last night - and a comment from [personal profile] likebunnies I'm reposting my Nimbus memories (both the pre-squeeage and the after post as well.

I think we all know my crappy iconning skilz by now (as evidenced by the one I altered for this post) but I gave it my best shot :)

So many names in these entries, so many memories. I feel like I jumped feet first into the nostalgia pool and I seriously don't want to climb out again. I want to go back in time to that wonderful weekend and live it all over again.

July 16, 2003 )

July 22, 2003 )
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The LJ Users sign up from Nimbus (which was ten years ago this month for those that want a brief mind-blown moment.)

More than a few names on there that are blasts from the past - mine isn't, though, because back then, my LJ name was still my full name. I think it was after Nimbus that I made the switch to the current name.

Booyah! Thanks [personal profile] smilie117 and [personal profile] likebunnies I found me!

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Brought to you by the letters S N B and Insanejournal.

Wow. One night, four deletion notices from Insanejournal, and a thousand memories of one of my favorite games ever. Ron. Zach. Oliver. And my precious Leila.

Then a few nights ago...my Maggie and my Jason.

And I find myself missing old games tonight, old voices. I miss Thalia and Mara from Metempsychosis even though that game was abandoned 6 years ago. I miss Billy and Luna, 7 years past.

...and since this is taking a really wrong turn, I'm just going to stop there.


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