Jan. 3rd, 2017 10:18 pm
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A few days late, but hopefully not a dollar short.

I'm not sure what the hubbub is about LJ, but I've been crossposting for years and migrated all my entries years ago, so if it does go belly up, nothing lost. Yay.

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Nov. 14th, 2016 07:39 pm
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I tried. Be excellent. Don't be excellent. Do what makes you happy.

After two weekends of staining our new front door, I'm almost positive that I won't be turning away any offers to run my own home rehab TV shows...unless I'm going to be the "don't do this" example. It's not perfect, but I will admit to getting a hell of a rush of the i-made-dis variety when I see it.

I've also started cooking again now that it's turned a little colder and crock pots are back in season. It's so lovely to be able to run to the store for the meat/veg, toss that mess into the pot, seal the lid, and five hours later we have dinner. I've found some amazing damn recipes, too. Side note, when it comes to recipe maintenance, the Paprika app is the best I've found. Especially since it has the "send ingredients to grocery list" function, then you just take off what you already have and done. It's one of the few apps I've ever paid for, but worth every penny.

What else?

My family is about to get our second centurion. My great Aunt turns 100 later this month. She's the last of the siblings alive, and the second to hit triple digits after my grandma. I am sticking to my current plan in that regard - I'm going to start BASE jumping when I hit 85.

Not much else going on with me. Work continues to dance on my last nerve, but I'm ever hopeful that things will get better in that mythical some day.

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Today's navel gazing is about sports.

My preferences:

Basketball - pro meh, love March Madness
Football - prefer pro, will watch college
Baseball - regular season meh (except if I can go to the live game), all over the playoffs
Soccer - any time, any match, anywhere, live and TV
Hockey - regular season okay, all over the playoffs
Golf - Love it
Rugby - don't really understand it, but fun to watch
Olympics - total whore. I would watch 24/7 if I could

This is the first time in my baseball watching career that I'm *this* invested in a series, and I've found that I can't bring myself to watch. Finally there's a team playing that I'm rooting for, and we're watching American Pickers. The anxiety is just too much. Hubs is much the same.
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It's been about two weeks since I bid adieu to Twitter amid one sad face and very little other reaction. Two weeks since I resumed posting to my journal. And I've realized why this switch makes me a more contented person.
navel-gazing )
So. Now I'm here and I can just toss my words into the ether and move on with my life.

And in other news, I went to a Celtic festival yesterday. Had much fun and too much food. Very worth the 1.5 hour drive to Richmond and I got to wear my Renfaire dress again. Today was a walk around a nearby lake with Hubs and the little dog. Now there will be napping and soon making dinner.

Basically enjoying the hell out of this weekend before I have to return to Hell tomorrow.
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The main reason I go so long without updating my journal?

Because half way through a rant post, I start to feel like a whiny little bitch and hit delete.

Today's abbreviated whine is brought to you by Overly PC coworkers and husbands who intimate their wives are incapable of pretty much anything.
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I know. I've been horrid about updating this, but since I've once again left Twitter behind me in a vain effort to restore my faith in humanity/will to live, I thought I might ease back in to updating here. I'm still on Facebook and Insta, but will try to be better here for those who aren't on either of those platforms but are still passing curious about whether or not the mothership has called me home.

Alas, it hasn't.

So, a few random facts about what I've been up to.

* I've been working from home for about two years now, which means my work wardrobe is a pair of ratty old shorts (with most of the ass made up of iron-on patches) in summer, and LuLaRoe leggings in winter. It has its benefits (no commute, no annoying coworkers on their phones while I'm working or peeing) but I do miss the interaction of other humans. My dogs, however, love it.

* The dogs are well. Dexter is getting on and showing his age. We're probably going to have to face that call soon, but I'm hoping we have a few more months. Chelsea is still 20 pounds of evil, but we've discovered that going to day care three days a week gets most of the evil out and keeps her a lovely, docile little Shiba. Once Dexter crosses the bridge, we're looking into getting another Shiba for Chelsea.

* We didn't escape Matthew as unscathed as we originally thought. A little rainwater seeped into Zach's Golf and soaked the carpets....which means now there's a lovely aroma of mold about the car. Tomorrow it goes in to get the carpets and pads replaced and disinfected because a black GTI is awesome, a black mold GTI not so much.

That's it from me for now. Peace out and be excellent to each other.
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Once again, it's been close to 2 months since I've updated this bad boy, but this time it's for a better reason than circular RPG navel-gazing.

There's been talk on FB of a bit of an LJ revival - old schoolers who drifted off for various reasons to other social media outlets making their way back home again.

I, for one, am all for it. While yes, there have been times where even my LJ posts were under 140 characters, interaction on social media is hit or miss. Facebook might show your post to your friends, it might not. Twitter sometimes moves so fast that a single post can get lost in a slew of back and forth tweets between others. Tumblr, while great for pictures and fun stuff, is a seriously crap venue for any kind of interaction.

And yes, sometimes you just need to go Ranty McRanterson and you don't want the whole world to be privy.

So! That said - here's what I've been up to. In my traditional asterisk manner.
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Saw this on [personal profile] abigail89's journal and have some time to kill, so why not?

Q&A for old people )
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* Taken to a surprise lunch today by find out I'd been put forward for a Performance Award from my company (something suggested by my new VP who at one point thought I wasn't senior level material). I got the award, and a very handsome check. I got a little weepy over my salad. Apparently the hell of this spring paid off in at least one bit of happiness. I don't even care about the money, really. It was reading what she, Manager, wrote, and the acknowledgement of what I did and do.

* The little girl being a complete shit to my son with the "I want to be with you" "I can't break up with him" is at it again and I just spent twenty minutes with him crying on my shoulder. I want to kick that little girl in the face. /Mama Bear

* Learning life lessons is hard....watching your children learn them is worse. By an order of magnitude.

* In happy kid news, Zach pulled a 4 on his APUSH exam. Kid will be starting college with 3 credit hours. /Proud Mama Bear

* It's been humid/raining/storming here for two days and it's seriously messing with me

* I'm all for being up on your religious beliefs and shouting them to the rooftops if that's your thing. But witnessing in a job interview might be a wee bit much.

* Go Germany! Boo Holland :(

Peace out, all. I'm done in for the day.
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* World Cup has started. I have the app to let me know when every game kicks off, so I can at least try to stealth watch. May take a long lunch for the Germany game (oh the loyalties because I do love Özil)

* Speaking of stealth watching, someone needs to revoke my youtube access because I keep watching Terminator stuff. For reasons I probably shouldn't be.

* Coworker reminds me a lot of Gretchen from Mean Girls - she keeps saying "sweet jazzy" whenever something good happens or something completed. She said it to me yesterday and I nearly swiped back with "Stop trying to make Fetch happen."

* My baby boy is now a rising senior in high school. How the hell did that even happen?

* Just got through a huge site push at work and now in the lovely lull before the next flaming bag of dog poo arrives on my desk.

* I have a serious kilt disorder - even when picking my ATUF choices. I see a kilt on the cover and I make with the grabby hands.

* Have decided that I was forced to endure SharePoint 2007 for so long because only then would I truly appreciate 2010. List Extensions - let me show you my love. I am really having fun playing with it and making our department intranet site look...if not awesome, then at least cool.

* I think that's it. Peace.
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We were on the way home from dinner tonight and I got hit with not one, not two, but three straight songs filled with RP memories.

So I started thinking about all the songs that remind me of ships, and games, long past. Amazing how, with as much as a decade of distance, even some of the ones that used to cause pain are now filled with happy nostalgia.

Here are a few of the ones that came to me as I drove.

* Collide, Howie Day - Penny and Percy
* Blue on Black, Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Dark Chaos Deatheater aftermath
* Fix You, Coldplay - Adrian and Marcus
* How to Save a Life, The Fray - Dennis and Zach
* Forever, Papa Roach - Ron and Pansy
* Brilliant Disguise, Springsteen - Zach and Blaise
* Angel Mine, Cowboy Junkies - Penny and Roger
* Promises in the Dark, Pat Benetar - Hestia and Kingsley

And there's my trip down memory lane. Feel free to share yours.

Now I'll continue watching a movie I rented thinking D would enjoy it, while he reads and ignores it (He's now expressing how much he likes it with every snore.) Which is a pity, because it's an amazing movie, no pun intended.
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* Work is getting stupid busy and I'm starting to realize I need to delegate a whole lot more if I'm going to keep doing the upper level stuff (yeah, still don't have the title but have all the responsibility.) I'm going to have to work some this weekend just to get back on top of the pile.

* Also, if anyone knows a good online Sharepoint learning resource, I'd be forever grateful.

* I've discovered that I'm a whole lot happier when I only check Twitter once or twice a day. Much better for my self-esteem when I'm just a casual observer/having direct conversations than throwing things into the ether and getting about the same response as a duck's quack in a canyon. Twitter is, at least to me, everything I hated about high school in one handy app.

* I am SO happy I decided to send Wanderer back to the island. Only the first thread in with the reason behind it and I couldn't be happier with the results. My God, the little alien is happy. That's a miracle right there.

* In other RP news, I'm cautiously eager for the AI app period in June with two hopefuls. I want them both, like a LOT. For reasons.

* Saw DoFP as a team-builder with the eBiz folks. It was a fun ride, but the very end was my favorite.

* Last night was the end of the field soccer season for us in the worst way - heartbreaking loss in penalty shoot-out for Zach's high school varsity team in the conference semi-finals. One more soccer weekend to go - Sand Soccer the second week of June. That will be a good time - a weekend spent at a beach hotel because it's easier than trying to drive out Saturday and Sunday and find parking.

* In the end, I'm picking up the pieces and moving on. I'm finding good things in my life and reasons to smile. I have nothing but my own idiocy to blame for the bad patch of late winter/early spring, but I'm doing a lot better now. Living in the present rather than looking back on what was with longing or unproductive nostalgia.

* Okay, that was a downer. So something fun and laughy. Both of my boys over the last week (aged 20 and 17) stealthily stole my Frozen DVD...and have started quoting at me. If one of them breaks out in "Let it Go" I'm noping out.


Jan. 28th, 2014 05:46 pm
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After a DM conversation that [personal profile] sheikah and I probably found a lot funnier than it was, I came to one of those seriously annoying crashing realizations about why I'm having so much trouble coming up with anyone to app in February, for either game.


No matter who I choose, I won't get what I'm looking for.

So. There's that. Feels good to finally have the puzzle solved.

Not going anywhere for the near term, or making any sweeping changes to go with the realization save maintaining the status quo for now, and finding other things to occupy my evenings. ATUF and my new foray into iMovie are filling the bill nicely.

In non-RP news, I've found the true blessing of working from home.

Because of the impending Snowpocalypse, I left work at noon to finish out the day here. And because I was home, I was able to take a break from work and make chili for dinner and then just after I logged off, I mixed up the cornbread and put that in to bake.

This is stuff I can't do if I get home at 6 after a 30-40 minute commute.

And now my whole house smells like chili and the snow's starting to fall and stick to the ground.

Pretty awesome!
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...who've known me from the time my kids weren't known by their names, but as the Things (Thing 1 and Thing 2.)

So, just to share the "holy crap I feel old as hell" feeling with as many as possible, I present Thing 2 on his way to the Homecoming dance:

He is now taller than David.
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* Zach had 3 assists in his soccer game (proud mama)

* I had a lovely lunch with my best friend which meant the world to me. It's been far too long since we've spent time together in real life, and not through email. Hugs in person are SO much better than *hugs*

* I read something that reaffirmed my faith in humanity and let me know that despite all evidence to the contrary, I'm NOT the only one that senses fins in the water and I'm thankful beyond words about it.

* I'm winning by a score of 3-1.

* I'm trying not to think about tomorrow at work and the final push for the website launch at midnight wherein I get to start pushing nearly 200 pages of content and 100 actual webpages into production. (Five people worked on the site launch last year. This's just me.)

* I *am* looking forward to taking Wednesday off to celebrate the above mentioned launch.

* I have come to accept that posting anything is better when you treat it like fishing. When you cast that line and drop the bait....sometimes you get a bite, sometimes you get a lot, but the best approach is to not expect anything at all. Doesn't mean the fish don't like your bait, just that they're not hungry right then.

* And I've learned that I continue to suck at getting dinner. Maybe I'll go on fucking strike.
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...a new one just begun.

All things considered, this wasn't the best birthday I've ever had, but it wasn't the worst, either. (I'm going for that power of positive thinking thing.)

Got a beautiful start to the day with a gift card for a metric ass-ton of crack Kindle books from my BFF, though. And that means everything.

It was made fabulous late in the day with the US Men's National Team clinching a berth for the World Cup...and made even moreso when the players came back out of the locker room after the Panama/Honduras match concluded and celebrating with the hundred-odd fans that hung around Columbus stadium.

I still don't know what I'm going to get myself for a present - maybe some new tops for work. Party party party, I know.

I'm coming to accept that I've lost a few people I used to call friends. I don't know why, I wish I did, but for whatever reason, I've drifted out of their lives. It's not the suckiest feeling ever, but it's not a bowl of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, either.

I've got a few little projects kicking around my head - one of which entirely insane - and I've decided to try and start cross stitching in the evenings again now that the fall shows are starting up again. Beats the alternative anyway.

And that, as they say, is that.

Peas out and carrots, too.
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There are a lot of things I should be doing right now. A lot of productive things like grocery lists, scanning pictures, cleaning, writing of an RP nature.

navel gazing about RP )

tl;dr - I have errands to run, house to clean, and very probably some decisions to make.

In other news, I love Bed Bath & Beyond (and their very fluid return policy) because it means I no longer have a nine year old Dyson. I now have one that made that 9 year old look like a broom in comparison...all without having to sell an internal organ.
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Wow. Been over three weeks since I posted here. So, in case you were worried, don't be. I'm still doing a fair to middlin' job of converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.

Soccer season is slowly winding down - tournament this weekend and next, then JV games through the 7th. And then I'm off soccer duty until August. Bliiiiis. Work is still good, still marveling at the idea that I love what I do and am fairly good at it, too. It still keeps me busy during the day - which I love - but on the slower days (and evenings), I find myself with too much time on my hands and that is rarely a good thing.

Especially when people (I'm looking at you, Brad) drop little bunnies in my head. Bunnies that grow into full-scale, rabid, mutant rabbits that nibble on my brain while I'm sleeping.

Behold the mutant rabbit )

And now my happy day winds down and I'm hoping for at least a half an hour here with no one else in the office so I can gobble up another chapter of Abigail Roux's Cut & Run series because I seriously cannot get enough of Ty and Zane.
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My little alien's movie comes out today and I'm almost more excited for this than I was for the Twilight movies...because I've loved this book since first reading (and the subsequent 4 re-readings and re-listenings to the audiobook.) and have waited for this movie for nearly 5 years.

And there's this:

So for the next few days, I'll probably be all Host-blissed. Still tagging what comes in when it comes in, but I might be prone to random bursts of squeeage.
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Haven't posted much here lately, but I wrote a filtered recap of the past month for my game post, so I'll toss it here for those still reading and not in the game.

cut so those that are won't get Pete and Repeat )
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* Been almost a month since I updated this thing. Don't even really know why I'm doing it now.

* Weird ass storm in which we probably had five inches of snow fall...and most of it melt when it hit the ground leaving only a dusting by morning. Welcome to VA in February

* I had 5 16 year olds in my house last night. There was a crapload of thumping upstairs but I was too afraid of the answer to go see what was going on. An hour later, I found out when one of them uploaded their version of the Harlem shake to Facebook. They did a good a very mom-facepalm-moment way. I'd link it, but you have to have the kid friended to see it.

* A few asterisks dealing with things I would love to say, but don't want the drama

* Still uber pissed off at the Oldham's win over Everton because it wasn't Matt Smith's head that scored, it was Bouzanis' arm. I think someone forgot to tell him that Keepers are only allowed to use their hands/arms in their *own* box, not the other team's.

*Got a semi-promotion at work. It's in name only (meaning no increase in salary) and meaningless as the other analyst was given the Lead title, too, which means we're both "lead" but have no one under us...but it still gives me decision power and lets me serve as an SME. I still need to update LinkedIn

*This April - my favoritest actor ever will be on stage on Broadway and it's killing me that I won't be able to see him on stage. Someday, I tell myself. Someday.

In honor of that, I leave with Tom. Being adorable as only he can.

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Snow in SE Virginia is usually cause for the world to stop spinning. And, of course, it did. Snow came at the worst possible time (afternoon rush) resulting in a bazillion accidents and people taking 4 hours to travel 20 miles. Funtimes. It appears I missed that fiasco by, literally, minutes. If I'd left work even 15 minutes later, I'd have been caught in the gridlock.

Now, we settle in and wait for the neighborhood streets to melt. The only things they plow or treat are the interstates and primary roads. Everything else they leave to nature. Annoying, but I can understand it. I mean, it's going to be in the 50s here on Monday.

In other news...

*insert a bunch of random crap no one GAF about and isn't really what I wanted to write anyway*
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Ah, nothing like that kick back feeling of a paid holiday from work. I want to do nothing today but hang out in sweats and read.

I may almost get my wish :)

My only real plans revolve around grocery shopping, my first attempt at lasagna (yes, I'm Italian, but in my family it was always manicotti), and taking the kid to the movies with his girlfriend.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I usually start out with a lot of great plans. Most of them end up not happening or not happening the way I want them to. I'm nothing if not hopelessly optimistic.

Need to start writing my app now that things are on track for the most part. I probably need to seriously get my head examined, too. I just can't help it - there's so much *potential* for her, I have to look past everything else.

Crown replacement went okay on Thursday, but the whole area now hurts like a bitch at the slightest touch...probably means another trip to the dentist to have it recemented with whatever they used last time this happened because I know I can't live like this for another 3 weeks. (Slightest touch means when I'm eating if even the smallest bit of food gets over to the left side of my mouth, it feels like someone stabbed me in the jaw.)

And then...there's the Harbaugh Bowl. Never in my wildest did I think this would actually happen and I can't be more thrilled that it did! Way to go, Niners and Ravens. Both visiting, both came from halftime deficits. Should be a great game this year!

I'm off to a day of Italian food and vampires.

Peace out.
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From Stephen King via a Facebook update from [personal profile] lanai

Keep your head together, read some good books, be useful, and don't take any shit from anybody.

~ Different Seasons, Afterword.
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Morning spent alternately depressing myself with reading ads that sound hella promising, only to find it's a community setup that hasn't been touched since October, or one that requires all posts/comments to be 2+ detailed paragraphs long. Ugh. I'm all for prose in tags, but that's a little over the top for me. Am further guessing that the Stand/Boulder game has been abandoned for whatever reason (though I suspect lack of character apps as well as a glitch in the logic played a part). Blarg. It was a nice dream.

Got a little shot of adrenaline when I realized Zach had gone back to sleep rather than get ready for paintball and had 15 minutes to shower and assemble his gear. There was a happy little whirlwind of OMGWHEREISMY...? But he's off, and happily getting welts all over his body for the day.

I am off to brave the mall today and hopefully get a shitload of Christmas shopping done: read: all of it. I'd love to get that off my plate. Probably help if I actually write out a list of what I need to get and for whom.

Relatedly, stocking stuffers for 16/19 year old boys are getting harder and harder to find. After razors and condoms, what else is there???

Am going to make something Christmassy tomorrow to take into work to try and get myself into the holiday spirit a little more as well as provide something fun because things be tense in the department (Director is reaping the rewards of a ton of BOGSATs resulting in what will probably be missed deadlines because our IT department seriously sucks if not sat upon - and the VP ain't happy.)

Need to force myself to put down the DS in the evenings and read instead. I've got a TBR list that's topping out at 45 books right now and I want to read them ALL. Downtime probably wouldn't bother me as much if I was lost in those worlds.

Also need to stop being lured by the "Customers who bought this also bought..." thing on Amazon. I've got all these great books on my TBR...then get lured by a new shiny. Bah.

Peace out, all.
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/random Bangles moment

Because I know everyone's sitting there thinking...Shit, it's past noon on Sunday. Where's the weekend update already!

I've been delusional since 2005. Even JKR thinks so )
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I got this from ZZ on Facebook...but it's too fabulous to not share around.

A thoughtful quote for the day from Mr. Stephen Fry:

"It's now very common to hear people say 'I'm rather offended by that.' As if that gives them certain rights; it's actually nothing's simply a whine. 'I find that offensive,' it has no meaning, it has no purpose, it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. 'I'm offended by that,' well so fucking what?"
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The powers that be in the local soccer league decided to have pity on the parents this year - and they broke up tournament weekend over two weekends. Two games the first Saturday, one/two games on the following Saturday (depending on whether your division is going on points or a championship game to determine the winner.)

In some ways I like it, because I don't lose a whole weekend. In others, I kind of like getting it all done in one fell swoop.

Standings for the boys:

DJ (Voltage) 2 wins, first place in the division
Zach (Strikers) 1 win, 1 tie, in second for the division based on GA.

Not too shabby.

In other news:

* So ready for the election to be in a battleground state seriously sucks.

* So many game posts I want to tag...and I can't tag any of them. This gives me a sad and a lot of sighs.

* Hoping for a very quiet week at work. It would be much appreciated.

* Breaking Dawn 2 in less than two weeks. I'm pretty sure I'm going to combust at some point during this movie. Several times.

I think that's it. Be cool to each other.
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* Am currently reliving my absolute love affair with Kelley Armstrong's Darkest Powers series, mostly Chloe and Derek. I have so much love for these two...they have no equal (though Noah and Mara in Unbecoming might be a close second.)

* Another pair I would absolutely kill to RP. I'd love to play Chloe...but playing her without Derek would be zero fun. And, yet again, I suffer from nobody-likes-the-things-i-like-itis. Ah well. Listening to the audiobooks will do me fine.

* Spent the last two days deep cleaning the downstairs - dust, vacuum, steam clean the tile, under the furniture, cleaning out a hutch I've been shoving shit into for 10 years and making Goodwill happy, etc. My back hurts, but I feel incredibly accomplished. Upstairs next week.

* Been a quiet week...and I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I also know I can't change anything.

* Got my Goodreads account up to date with everything on Kindle and am going to review there and cross post to my blog.

* Finally got caught up with Once Upon a Time...and cannot help hoping that Emma finds Graham in the forest. I know. I'm hopeless.

* Two soccer games, two wins, both boys teams beat grudge-match teams and beat them handily. It makes a soccer mom smile.

In closing, I leave you with the coolest thing I've found on Facebook in a long time:


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