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Okay, folks, I need a little help here.

DJ had a wipe out with his car, hit it the wrong way on a guardrail and due to frame damage, it was totaled. Because he's not sure what he wants yet, he's decided to take my Civic until he's ready and will then trade that in.

That leaves me without a car. Not that I really need one - D takes his motorcycle to work most days, leaving his Subaru here, grocery store is walking distance, etc.

After years of practical, I want a fun car just for me and I've decided on a Mini Cooper. Fun, performance, and I've always wanted one.

Option 1:
Mini Cooper 2 door hard top with sunroof. Automatic. Some extras but not fully loaded. $24k before any added warranties/taxes/etc.

Option 2:
Mini Cooper S (turbo) 2 door hard top with sunroof. Manual. Fully loaded. $30k before any added warranties/taxes/etc.

The basics of me: 48 year old with sketchy knees. Mostly city driving with some highway and occasional long trips.

I love the look of 1 - deep blue with white bonnet stripes, white roof, white mirror covers.
Option 2 is cool, too, tho - black rims, black roof/mirror covers, can have stripes added, British racing green.

The internal debate rages.

Friend who owns an 05 Mini is telling me I "have to" get the S.
Hubs is all about "I wish I had less power, said no one ever."

For me, I am really wavering between the two. I can afford both, no problem. I would probably buy 1 outright, but lease 2 due to the cons listed.

Pros of 1: I don't drive much (telecommuter, kids grown), so a lower cost is ideal. It has plenty of power on its own, acceleration is better than any car I've ever owned and handling is amazing. It's cute as hell and has all the perks I really want (apart from heated seats).

Cons of 1: Will I regret not getting the fully loaded/more Mini experience model? My ever-present need to not disappoint people/listen to "you should'ves from others" and I hate that feeling of buyer's remorse.

Pros of 2: It is super fun to drive. I do love manual cars and feeling that power when you accelerate and have total control over the drive. Fully loaded with navigation, heads up display, Sirius XM, options to boost car into Sport or Green (eco) modes. Acceleration and handling are even better than in 1.

Cons of 2: Will I get tired of shifting, especially as I drive a lot in city conditions in a fairly congested area. Do I want to spend 30K on a car that won't be driven that much - there are weeks I go days without driving because the grocery store is across the main road from my house. What if my knees go from sketchy to bad? Will I have a 30k car I can't drive? Will I spend 3 years stressing over every little bump/ding/stain/rip?

Date: 2017-04-17 06:29 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] b_radwick
I would get the second one and then treat yourself to something else with some of the left over money. If your knees go bad you're going to be miserable about it.

Date: 2017-04-17 07:06 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] b_radwick

Hey, as long as you're happy then I'm happy for you!


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