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Random discussion about me being older than dinosaurs devolved into the following:

Zach (to DJ): Yeah? Well, your mom's the big bang
Me: *raised eyebrow @ Zach*
Zach: I feel so bad
Me: No you don't. The fact you're chuckling says you don't feel bad
Zach: I'm actually chortling, not chuckling
DJ: What is a chortle
Zach: It's a type of cake
DJ: Really?

Ladies and gentleman, my pride and joy.
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* Been almost a month since I updated this thing. Don't even really know why I'm doing it now.

* Weird ass storm in which we probably had five inches of snow fall...and most of it melt when it hit the ground leaving only a dusting by morning. Welcome to VA in February

* I had 5 16 year olds in my house last night. There was a crapload of thumping upstairs but I was too afraid of the answer to go see what was going on. An hour later, I found out when one of them uploaded their version of the Harlem shake to Facebook. They did a good job...in a very mom-facepalm-moment way. I'd link it, but you have to have the kid friended to see it.

* A few asterisks dealing with things I would love to say, but don't want the drama

* Still uber pissed off at the Oldham's win over Everton because it wasn't Matt Smith's head that scored, it was Bouzanis' arm. I think someone forgot to tell him that Keepers are only allowed to use their hands/arms in their *own* box, not the other team's.

*Got a semi-promotion at work. It's in name only (meaning no increase in salary) and meaningless as the other analyst was given the Lead title, too, which means we're both "lead" but have no one under us...but it still gives me decision power and lets me serve as an SME. I still need to update LinkedIn

*This April - my favoritest actor ever will be on stage on Broadway and it's killing me that I won't be able to see him on stage. Someday, I tell myself. Someday.

In honor of that, I leave with Tom. Being adorable as only he can.


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