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Ah, nothing like that kick back feeling of a paid holiday from work. I want to do nothing today but hang out in sweats and read.

I may almost get my wish :)

My only real plans revolve around grocery shopping, my first attempt at lasagna (yes, I'm Italian, but in my family it was always manicotti), and taking the kid to the movies with his girlfriend.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I usually start out with a lot of great plans. Most of them end up not happening or not happening the way I want them to. I'm nothing if not hopelessly optimistic.

Need to start writing my app now that things are on track for the most part. I probably need to seriously get my head examined, too. I just can't help it - there's so much *potential* for her, I have to look past everything else.

Crown replacement went okay on Thursday, but the whole area now hurts like a bitch at the slightest touch...probably means another trip to the dentist to have it recemented with whatever they used last time this happened because I know I can't live like this for another 3 weeks. (Slightest touch means when I'm eating if even the smallest bit of food gets over to the left side of my mouth, it feels like someone stabbed me in the jaw.)

And then...there's the Harbaugh Bowl. Never in my wildest did I think this would actually happen and I can't be more thrilled that it did! Way to go, Niners and Ravens. Both visiting, both came from halftime deficits. Should be a great game this year!

I'm off to a day of Italian food and vampires.

Peace out.


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