Jan. 28th, 2014 05:46 pm
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After a DM conversation that [personal profile] sheikah and I probably found a lot funnier than it was, I came to one of those seriously annoying crashing realizations about why I'm having so much trouble coming up with anyone to app in February, for either game.


No matter who I choose, I won't get what I'm looking for.

So. There's that. Feels good to finally have the puzzle solved.

Not going anywhere for the near term, or making any sweeping changes to go with the realization save maintaining the status quo for now, and finding other things to occupy my evenings. ATUF and my new foray into iMovie are filling the bill nicely.

In non-RP news, I've found the true blessing of working from home.

Because of the impending Snowpocalypse, I left work at noon to finish out the day here. And because I was home, I was able to take a break from work and make chili for dinner and then just after I logged off, I mixed up the cornbread and put that in to bake.

This is stuff I can't do if I get home at 6 after a 30-40 minute commute.

And now my whole house smells like chili and the snow's starting to fall and stick to the ground.

Pretty awesome!
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Which numbers are you? (I'm pretty much all of them but some had me saying "YES" out loud)

23 signs you're a text-based roleplayer

~ Source: Buzzfeed

(Relatedly: There are some interesting classified ads up here open to current and potential players. Just sayin')
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There are a lot of things I should be doing right now. A lot of productive things like grocery lists, scanning pictures, cleaning, writing of an RP nature.

navel gazing about RP )

tl;dr - I have errands to run, house to clean, and very probably some decisions to make.

In other news, I love Bed Bath & Beyond (and their very fluid return policy) because it means I no longer have a nine year old Dyson. I now have one that made that 9 year old look like a broom in comparison...all without having to sell an internal organ.
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Ah, nothing like that kick back feeling of a paid holiday from work. I want to do nothing today but hang out in sweats and read.

I may almost get my wish :)

My only real plans revolve around grocery shopping, my first attempt at lasagna (yes, I'm Italian, but in my family it was always manicotti), and taking the kid to the movies with his girlfriend.

Yeah, yeah, I know. I usually start out with a lot of great plans. Most of them end up not happening or not happening the way I want them to. I'm nothing if not hopelessly optimistic.

Need to start writing my app now that things are on track for the most part. I probably need to seriously get my head examined, too. I just can't help it - there's so much *potential* for her, I have to look past everything else.

Crown replacement went okay on Thursday, but the whole area now hurts like a bitch at the slightest touch...probably means another trip to the dentist to have it recemented with whatever they used last time this happened because I know I can't live like this for another 3 weeks. (Slightest touch means when I'm eating if even the smallest bit of food gets over to the left side of my mouth, it feels like someone stabbed me in the jaw.)

And then...there's the Harbaugh Bowl. Never in my wildest did I think this would actually happen and I can't be more thrilled that it did! Way to go, Niners and Ravens. Both visiting, both came from halftime deficits. Should be a great game this year!

I'm off to a day of Italian food and vampires.

Peace out.
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Morning spent alternately depressing myself with reading ads that sound hella promising, only to find it's a community setup that hasn't been touched since October, or one that requires all posts/comments to be 2+ detailed paragraphs long. Ugh. I'm all for prose in tags, but that's a little over the top for me. Am further guessing that the Stand/Boulder game has been abandoned for whatever reason (though I suspect lack of character apps as well as a glitch in the logic played a part). Blarg. It was a nice dream.

Got a little shot of adrenaline when I realized Zach had gone back to sleep rather than get ready for paintball and had 15 minutes to shower and assemble his gear. There was a happy little whirlwind of OMGWHEREISMY...? But he's off, and happily getting welts all over his body for the day.

I am off to brave the mall today and hopefully get a shitload of Christmas shopping done: read: all of it. I'd love to get that off my plate. Probably help if I actually write out a list of what I need to get and for whom.

Relatedly, stocking stuffers for 16/19 year old boys are getting harder and harder to find. After razors and condoms, what else is there???

Am going to make something Christmassy tomorrow to take into work to try and get myself into the holiday spirit a little more as well as provide something fun because things be tense in the department (Director is reaping the rewards of a ton of BOGSATs resulting in what will probably be missed deadlines because our IT department seriously sucks if not sat upon - and the VP ain't happy.)

Need to force myself to put down the DS in the evenings and read instead. I've got a TBR list that's topping out at 45 books right now and I want to read them ALL. Downtime probably wouldn't bother me as much if I was lost in those worlds.

Also need to stop being lured by the "Customers who bought this also bought..." thing on Amazon. I've got all these great books on my TBR...then get lured by a new shiny. Bah.

Peace out, all.
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* Am currently reliving my absolute love affair with Kelley Armstrong's Darkest Powers series, mostly Chloe and Derek. I have so much love for these two...they have no equal (though Noah and Mara in Unbecoming might be a close second.)

* Another pair I would absolutely kill to RP. I'd love to play Chloe...but playing her without Derek would be zero fun. And, yet again, I suffer from nobody-likes-the-things-i-like-itis. Ah well. Listening to the audiobooks will do me fine.

* Spent the last two days deep cleaning the downstairs - dust, vacuum, steam clean the tile, under the furniture, cleaning out a hutch I've been shoving shit into for 10 years and making Goodwill happy, etc. My back hurts, but I feel incredibly accomplished. Upstairs next week.

* Been a quiet week...and I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I also know I can't change anything.

* Got my Goodreads account up to date with everything on Kindle and am going to review there and cross post to my blog.

* Finally got caught up with Once Upon a Time...and cannot help hoping that Emma finds Graham in the forest. I know. I'm hopeless.

* Two soccer games, two wins, both boys teams beat grudge-match teams and beat them handily. It makes a soccer mom smile.

In closing, I leave you with the coolest thing I've found on Facebook in a long time:

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Brought to you by the letters S N B and Insanejournal.

Wow. One night, four deletion notices from Insanejournal, and a thousand memories of one of my favorite games ever. Ron. Zach. Oliver. And my precious Leila.

Then a few nights Maggie and my Jason.

And I find myself missing old games tonight, old voices. I miss Thalia and Mara from Metempsychosis even though that game was abandoned 6 years ago. I miss Billy and Luna, 7 years past.

...and since this is taking a really wrong turn, I'm just going to stop there.


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