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As usual, my reaction to the movie is, right now, probably made up of mostly exclamation points, caps lock. And a lot of aldsjfldfj;la;oeifja;sldkfja;sldfja

First things first - I've never made any bones about the fact that Breaking Dawn is my favorite of all four Twilight books. I can now confirm that the movies just made me love the story that much more. Do I think it was Great Literature? No. But the story was good, engaging, fun, etc.

Bill Condon....took that great story and made it so much better.

(*also, please keep in mind that I got home at 2.30 am from Richmond, and am now up to go into work before an afternoon of rewatch)

spoilers - BD2 )
I will probably add more to this as I remember and when I'm not rushing ass to get out of the house to get Zach to school and get myself to work.

In short, an amazing finish.

I went to the marathon yesterday and it was completely awesome to watch the whole thing, start to finish, in a theater setting.
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So tomorrow starts the beginning of the end. Sad panda.

I'll be driving up to Richmond in the morning to indulge in a day off work for the Twilight Marathon with [personal profile] rainpuddle13 culminating in the 10pm Breaking Dawn pt2 release.

I'm ecstatic. I'm thrilled. I'm anxious. I also has a big sad. It's done after this. The only good thing to come of this, I hope, is that the hater brigade will move on to someone else and the paps will finally leave these two alone. Probably won't happen, but a girl can dream.

Anywho. Over the next few days, I'll be seeing the movie as many times as possible (Friday afternoon, possibly Saturday evening after tournament, and definitely Sunday afternoon.)

Oh yeah - Zach's in a 5v5 tournament most of the day Saturday. Guess soccer wasn't as over as I thought.

I digress.

TR folks - on the off chance you need me for anything, I'll be a little slower with tags than usual, but since that means it might take me until Friday to return anything tagged tomorrow, I'm not going to call a slowtime or anything. If it's a quick question, I'll have my phone so you can get me via email, as usual.

I still can't believe the last movie's here. I remember last November thinking how horrible it was going to be, having to wait a whole year for part 2...and now here we are. And I think it's only fitting I use the icon I uploaded 4 years ago for Twilight.
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/random Bangles moment

Because I know everyone's sitting there thinking...Shit, it's past noon on Sunday. Where's the weekend update already!

I've been delusional since 2005. Even JKR thinks so )
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And then, in the midst of stupid people at work (people so stupid I started to wish stupid was lethal), and general fuckery away from it....

...this happens


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