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Okay, folks, I need a little help here.

DJ had a wipe out with his car, hit it the wrong way on a guardrail and due to frame damage, it was totaled. Because he's not sure what he wants yet, he's decided to take my Civic until he's ready and will then trade that in.

That leaves me without a car. Not that I really need one - D takes his motorcycle to work most days, leaving his Subaru here, grocery store is walking distance, etc.

After years of practical, I want a fun car just for me and I've decided on a Mini Cooper. Fun, performance, and I've always wanted one.

So - a tale of two minis )


Jan. 3rd, 2017 10:18 pm
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A few days late, but hopefully not a dollar short.

I'm not sure what the hubbub is about LJ, but I've been crossposting for years and migrated all my entries years ago, so if it does go belly up, nothing lost. Yay.

2008 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015

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Nov. 14th, 2016 07:39 pm
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I tried. Be excellent. Don't be excellent. Do what makes you happy.

After two weekends of staining our new front door, I'm almost positive that I won't be turning away any offers to run my own home rehab TV shows...unless I'm going to be the "don't do this" example. It's not perfect, but I will admit to getting a hell of a rush of the i-made-dis variety when I see it.

I've also started cooking again now that it's turned a little colder and crock pots are back in season. It's so lovely to be able to run to the store for the meat/veg, toss that mess into the pot, seal the lid, and five hours later we have dinner. I've found some amazing damn recipes, too. Side note, when it comes to recipe maintenance, the Paprika app is the best I've found. Especially since it has the "send ingredients to grocery list" function, then you just take off what you already have and done. It's one of the few apps I've ever paid for, but worth every penny.

What else?

My family is about to get our second centurion. My great Aunt turns 100 later this month. She's the last of the siblings alive, and the second to hit triple digits after my grandma. I am sticking to my current plan in that regard - I'm going to start BASE jumping when I hit 85.

Not much else going on with me. Work continues to dance on my last nerve, but I'm ever hopeful that things will get better in that mythical some day.



Nov. 12th, 2016 07:44 pm
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Going to start this off by saying...I don't care who you voted for. This isn't about that. Doesn't faze me if you voted for Hillary, if you voted for Trump, for Johnson or Stein or freaking Harambe.

You voted. Give yourself a high five for doing the most patriotic thing there is - taking a stand for what you believe, what you want for our country, and what you see is the best path forward.

Or, as I like to call it: preserving your right to bitch for another four years.

That said....

What we've lost )
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Because I thought it would be cool to check in, say hi, and not risk anything more than a "heya!" back.

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For those of you not devoted to any sort of SportsBall Tournament type things, you've probably heard the faithful talk about their superstitions or have seen commercials that touch on the subject.

Allow me to explain how such things work.

I've been avidly following the World Series - with all the rabid attention of a starving man at a buffet. I didn't want to talk about it, because I was afraid that anything I said would jinx things.

As far as the series itself goes, I haven't seen more than a few plays outside of recaps, replays, and highlight reels for the last four games..

Why? Because they played better when we didn't watch.

Don't laugh, it's true. And verifiable. I'll get there in a second.

Every night we would put on American Pickers on the History Channel and silently check the score by madly refreshing Google or MLB.com. We didn't discuss this, we didn't mention why, we both knew that watching was bad. Occasionally, when I'd see that something big happened, we'd switch over, watch the replay, then quickly flip back.

Fast forward to last night. We sat, hearts in throat with Frank and Mike while I refreshed the shit out of my iPad and he did the same on his. Around the fifth inning, with the score 6-3, we took our lives into our hands and turned on the game.

At first, everything seemed fine...then Campbell. Then the hit. Then the runs. It's bottom of the eighth, it's starting to rain, the Cubs blew a lead, and we've been Cub fans for 51 and 25 years respectively. Our hearts were in our throats, our stomachs full of lead, and it felt like the inevitable had arrived.

More importantly, though, we were *watching*.

So we made the supreme fan sacrifice and turned off the TV and went up to bed.

The rest is 108 years in the making.

So, Chicago fans everywhere......you're welcome :) :) :)
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Today's navel gazing is about sports.

My preferences:

Basketball - pro meh, love March Madness
Football - prefer pro, will watch college
Baseball - regular season meh (except if I can go to the live game), all over the playoffs
Soccer - any time, any match, anywhere, live and TV
Hockey - regular season okay, all over the playoffs
Golf - Love it
Rugby - don't really understand it, but fun to watch
Olympics - total whore. I would watch 24/7 if I could

This is the first time in my baseball watching career that I'm *this* invested in a series, and I've found that I can't bring myself to watch. Finally there's a team playing that I'm rooting for, and we're watching American Pickers. The anxiety is just too much. Hubs is much the same.
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It's been about two weeks since I bid adieu to Twitter amid one sad face and very little other reaction. Two weeks since I resumed posting to my journal. And I've realized why this switch makes me a more contented person.
navel-gazing )
So. Now I'm here and I can just toss my words into the ether and move on with my life.

And in other news, I went to a Celtic festival yesterday. Had much fun and too much food. Very worth the 1.5 hour drive to Richmond and I got to wear my Renfaire dress again. Today was a walk around a nearby lake with Hubs and the little dog. Now there will be napping and soon making dinner.

Basically enjoying the hell out of this weekend before I have to return to Hell tomorrow.
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The main reason I go so long without updating my journal?

Because half way through a rant post, I start to feel like a whiny little bitch and hit delete.

Today's abbreviated whine is brought to you by Overly PC coworkers and husbands who intimate their wives are incapable of pretty much anything.
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I know. I've been horrid about updating this, but since I've once again left Twitter behind me in a vain effort to restore my faith in humanity/will to live, I thought I might ease back in to updating here. I'm still on Facebook and Insta, but will try to be better here for those who aren't on either of those platforms but are still passing curious about whether or not the mothership has called me home.

Alas, it hasn't.

So, a few random facts about what I've been up to.

* I've been working from home for about two years now, which means my work wardrobe is a pair of ratty old shorts (with most of the ass made up of iron-on patches) in summer, and LuLaRoe leggings in winter. It has its benefits (no commute, no annoying coworkers on their phones while I'm working or peeing) but I do miss the interaction of other humans. My dogs, however, love it.

* The dogs are well. Dexter is getting on and showing his age. We're probably going to have to face that call soon, but I'm hoping we have a few more months. Chelsea is still 20 pounds of evil, but we've discovered that going to day care three days a week gets most of the evil out and keeps her a lovely, docile little Shiba. Once Dexter crosses the bridge, we're looking into getting another Shiba for Chelsea.

* We didn't escape Matthew as unscathed as we originally thought. A little rainwater seeped into Zach's Golf and soaked the carpets....which means now there's a lovely aroma of mold about the car. Tomorrow it goes in to get the carpets and pads replaced and disinfected because a black GTI is awesome, a black mold GTI not so much.

That's it from me for now. Peace out and be excellent to each other.
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Because I want to keep at least some record of these things on the off chance I get my grandest wish and move someplace where I don't have to give a shit if its hurricane season or not.

So, with the 2016 season winding down, numbers 21, 22, 23, and 24.

Gordon 1994
Allison/Felix 1995
Bertha/Fran 1996
Danny 1997
Bonnie 1998
Gustav/Kyle 2002
Isabel 2003
Alex/Bonnie/Charley/Ivan 2004
Barry 2007
Alberto 2006
Hanna 2008
Irene 2011
Sandy 2012
Arthur 2014
Ana 2015
Hermine/Julia/Matthew 2016


In other news, life is life. DJ has settled into his life as a welder and still loves it. Zach is halfway through first semester of his sophomore year and already has his eye on post-bachelors schooling. Diametric opposites, my boys.

Hope all is well with y'all. Peace.
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Once again, it's been close to 2 months since I've updated this bad boy, but this time it's for a better reason than circular RPG navel-gazing.

There's been talk on FB of a bit of an LJ revival - old schoolers who drifted off for various reasons to other social media outlets making their way back home again.

I, for one, am all for it. While yes, there have been times where even my LJ posts were under 140 characters, interaction on social media is hit or miss. Facebook might show your post to your friends, it might not. Twitter sometimes moves so fast that a single post can get lost in a slew of back and forth tweets between others. Tumblr, while great for pictures and fun stuff, is a seriously crap venue for any kind of interaction.

And yes, sometimes you just need to go Ranty McRanterson and you don't want the whole world to be privy.

So! That said - here's what I've been up to. In my traditional asterisk manner.
brief rundown )
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I figure if I'm going to post something for the first time since February, it might as well have some substance to it.

So I will share with you a long-ish ramble about the state of my RP self and my shocking realization that I'm "getting up there in years."

Ode To A Small Lump Of Green Putty I Found In My Armpit One Midsummer Morning )
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Saw this on [personal profile] abigail89's journal and have some time to kill, so why not?

Q&A for old people )


Dec. 28th, 2014 04:22 pm
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2008 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013

Well, it's been over two months since I updated this. Not a big surprise.

I don't want to miss a year in the tag, but I'm not filling out the meme for one simple reason.

This year sucked on so many levels, it would depress the shit out of me to write it all out. So I'm not. In the end, we're all still breathing and we've come out on top and in good spirits for the most part, possibly a little stronger for all the crap.

I'm just going to keep my eyes on 2015 and pray for a better year.
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So it's been over two months since I've updated this thing. Oops?

* Dex has officially been released from his knee surgery. It was a rough road filled with many sleepless nights and times I was sure we were going to have to make The Decision. Every time, though, he bounced back. He's fully healed, back to normal activity, though stairs are still a no-no if we're not with him for a while.

* He's had two infections, though, so there's still a chance they'll have to go back in and take out the plate and screws they put in to help the bone set/heal. It happens sometimes, but it's not nearly the ordeal as the original reconstruction since the bone is healed now.

* Taking him in tomorrow - pretty sure he's got another infection

* Personally I've been working from home almost exclusively for the past two months and desperately do NOT want to start commuting again.

* Starting to seriously think about changing jobs within my department. It's not that I mind what I do, I don't, but I'd like at least the idea that I can one day advance in my chosen career. I'd LOVE to find something that requires I travel. For long periods.

* Arrow season premiere pretty much killed me dead.

* I'm getting sick and don't want to - not because being sick sucks, but because in this house, I take care of everyone when they get sick, but when I do, everyone ignores it because then it means I can't take care of them. So I get to do everything I normally do...I just have to do it while feeling like ass.

* I think I'm finally giving in and getting an iPad once the Air 2 is announced and the Air price drops.

* I might finally list something on eBay. I want to ditch my formal china/stemware/flatware because we have never used it and we never will. I have my Great Grandmother's for Thanksgiving/Christmas and that's really the only time we use anything like it.

Nothing much else of interest. Hope y'all are good.


Jul. 23rd, 2014 05:08 pm
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He's home from surgery and doing okay. It's going to be a rough few days until the bandage comes off (his foot is covered, so he doesn't like putting that foot down - plus sedation - but it will pass.)

I've moved the daily blog I'm keeping over to here if you want to follow his progress.
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Dropped him off at 8.30 this morning...and it sucked. Had to sit in the doctor's waiting room and have a little cry before I went off to work.

Still not sure how I got through the workday - exhausted and worried - but I don't think I made a colossal hose-up of anything. Tonight I'll go to bed early and sleep in my actual bed. Might be the last time for a while. Depends on how he does at night post-op.

(In happy personal news, I got my work laptop today - complete with VPN - just in time for me to be working from home for the next few days. Have I mentioned my boss is awesome about this shit? She is. Not even a blink about me working from home for a while so I can be home with him.)

It's so hard being in this house without him. I ate dinner without him sniffing at the wrapping and drooling onto the couch. There was no jingle from his collar or woofing for his dinner when I came home. No happy thump of his tail when Zach came home from practice.

Tomorrow morning we pick the baby up and start the process of recovery and rehab. Not looking forward to it but...one day at a time.
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I've decided to try and blog Dex's adventures through his knee surgery. God knows how long this will last, but I might need the outlet.

Cut for skimming )
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Husband took Dog on his usual Sunday walk and...the dog was off leash and going for a swim in the creek. He does this often, and has his whole life. David thought why not since he was going in for bath and nail clipping in a few hours.

Instead, Dex's leg got caught in some tree roots. Long, terrifying story short - he's injured his ACL.

He's on rest, pain meds and anti-inflammatories now, following up with his vet tomorrow for second opinion before making the final decision about knee replacement surgery for him.

Longer story short - I'm not going to be in the best headspace for the next little bit while I worry about my puppy.
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* Taken to a surprise lunch today by Manager...to find out I'd been put forward for a Performance Award from my company (something suggested by my new VP who at one point thought I wasn't senior level material). I got the award, and a very handsome check. I got a little weepy over my salad. Apparently the hell of this spring paid off in at least one bit of happiness. I don't even care about the money, really. It was reading what she, Manager, wrote, and the acknowledgement of what I did and do.

* The little girl being a complete shit to my son with the "I want to be with you" "I can't break up with him" is at it again and I just spent twenty minutes with him crying on my shoulder. I want to kick that little girl in the face. /Mama Bear

* Learning life lessons is hard....watching your children learn them is worse. By an order of magnitude.

* In happy kid news, Zach pulled a 4 on his APUSH exam. Kid will be starting college with 3 credit hours. /Proud Mama Bear

* It's been humid/raining/storming here for two days and it's seriously messing with me

* I'm all for being up on your religious beliefs and shouting them to the rooftops if that's your thing. But witnessing in a job interview might be a wee bit much.

* Go Germany! Boo Holland :(

Peace out, all. I'm done in for the day.
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Had some uneasy moments last night when the track shifted more to the west, but we dodged the bullet. Some rain, and we're still getting some gusty winds, but not much more than that for us.


Gordon 1994
Allison/Felix 1995
Bertha/Fran 1996
Danny 1997
Bonnie 1998
Gustav/Kyle 2002
Isabel 2003
Alex/Bonnie/Charley/Ivan 2004
Barry 2007
Alberto 2006
Hanna 2008
Irene 2011
Sandy 2012
Arthur 2014

Well, hell.

Jul. 3rd, 2014 03:00 pm
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Here we go again. It's too early in the season for this shit. Looks like it'll be a fun night for me and my phobias. At least it's going to be moving fast - that's the only silver lining in this rotating band of dark clouds.

Piss off, Arthur.
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* Started watching BBC America's Three Musketeers. SO loving it.

* Hate when a book just...drags.

* Thought of doing a SotP but of the five I've seen this weekend, only one included TR, so I'm thinking that those aren't a thing anymore. One more by the wayside.

* That said, there isn't much beyond the status quo for any of them, so it would have been a pretty boring one

* Work continues to frustrate the bejeezus out of me, especially as regards any path for advancement or growth beyond putting out the same fires I've been putting out for the last two years.

* Relatedly, the new analyst continues to piss me off with her "Got it! I'm on it! I'll get it done!" attitude because she's in such a rush to do all that - she gets in abysmally wrong. She's published information before it should be live and left a crap-ton of typos on the website content we gave her and boss noticed it while in a meeting with others. Then, after boss discussed it with her, I found twenty more typos/broken links. To top it off, we have a major go live on this site Tuesday...and she took Friday off, leaving me to do the bulk of the page transfers from the QA site to the production site, leaving me with a 9 hour day on Friday. Me=unthrilled.

* Did I also mention she has some fairly serious BO? Like I can smell it from my cube. Blarg.

* Zach's recovering from the wisdom tooth extraction and slowly adding more food into his repertoire. For a while, it was all yogurt, jello and ice cream. I think he was happiest to get straw-ability back.

* Sad that the Netherlands' win is going to be discounted because the naysayers are all screaming "dive." But one of the ESPN commentators said it best - if you're going to keep tripping in the box, eventually, it's going to get called. It should have been in the first half, so don't whine that the ref finally called it in the second.

* Still, this has been the best World Cup in a while. Tons of drama (Costa Rica/Greece game was so intense, I burned dinner beyond recognition because I didn't want to walk as far as the kitchen.)

Wow. That was a lot. And now, I don't think I can put it off any longer. Bedtime awaits.
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* Zach is pacing the floor, nervous about getting his wisdom teeth out today. He's going the oral surgery route - and he's more nervous about getting an IV than he is about having four teeth pulled. Ladies and gentlemen, my kid.

ETA: He's done and looped on painkillers. Procedure went well and he's got some pain even above the painkillers. Poor baby.

* Did some freelance work on the husband's motorcycle club website. Redid the navigation, created a registration form, got their Paypal button working the way they need it to work. It was fun, and I enjoyed it, even if one of the members isn't thrilled with the way it looks. To my mind, she can hire a designer, do it herself, or endure. You can teach a designer to code, but you can't teach design to a coder - if the graphic art ability isn't there, it isn't there.

* Been reading some really good books for ATUF lately. Makes me happy after a long line of not-so-greats.

* The World Cup is going to kill me. Of this, I'm sure. Already the dog's afraid to be in the room with me (after the USA v Portugal game, he hid in our walk in closet the rest of the night.)

ETA: Luis the Cannibal strikes again. He needs a lifelong ban if he can't keep his teeth to himself.

* I still believe USA can do it, but I'm also rooting for Holland, Germany, France, Costa Rica, Belgium, and Mexico just because Ochoa is epic in goal.

* Work continues to be completely without direction. No clear role, no clear path, no idea if I can ever advance out or up. Hopefully that will clarify a little more, one way or the other, after the all-day meeting with the team/new VP tomorrow.

Not much else from me. Just rollin with it and finding new things that make me smile.
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I only have two words for the last two hours of my life:

Holy shit.
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* Took the day off work today because I need to start taking time off at work so I can accumulate time off again. /corporate life

* Still not recovered from the US vs Ghana match.

* World Cup has me missing Twitter just for the ease of being able to post one-two word squees filled with lots of exclamation points. Then I remember that they'd have pretty much the same response as if I just yelled into the backyard and Twitter remains deleted.

* Fun part about the World Cup is that there's nearly always a player I can root for in every match, since we watch so much international football. Means that while I'm pulling for the US, I'm also pulling for Germany, the Netherlands, Argentina, etc.

* Even with Brooks' amazing header, Van Persie's Flying Dutchman remains my favorite of the tournament so far.

* Hoping to go see Maleficent today but I may just write the two EPs I need to write, do some Unfucking, and catch up on reading instead.

* Did a re-listen of Cold Days and now in a re-listen of Skin Game and picking up so much more the second time around. "Get on the bike, bitch" remains my favorite line.

* I really need to get off my ass and do something with my day other than stare at a computer screen and wallow.


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