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* Thankful for my friends. Especially my two best friends - you both know who you are and you know I'd be lost without you. I wish often that we lived closer so we could hang out in person more often - talk with mouths and facial expressions rather than with keyboards - but wishes and horses.

* Thankful that I took a chance on applying to review at an Urban Fantasy review site. I'm reading all kinds of things I never would have before and I really enjoy writing the reviews. (The fact I just read a book I've been looking forward to a month before it's publication date is just sorta gravy.)

* Thankful for writers who slave away at keyboards day and night in labors of love that open up whole new worlds for me to explore.

* Thankful that I have a job, and that it's one I enjoy.

* Thankful for my family - my parents who still rag on each other even after 49 years of marriage, my boys who, though they occasionally exasperate the hell out of me, mostly make me glad I didn't drown them at birth.

* Thankful for the interwebs for providing me with a whole slew of friends and entertainment as well as a job, if not a career.

* Thankful that my puppy merely had a reaction to the change in our local tap water (and not a parasitic infection or worse) and is on the mend.

* Finally, thankful that its cheesy Christmas romance movie time.


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