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Wow. Been over three weeks since I posted here. So, in case you were worried, don't be. I'm still doing a fair to middlin' job of converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.

Soccer season is slowly winding down - tournament this weekend and next, then JV games through the 7th. And then I'm off soccer duty until August. Bliiiiis. Work is still good, still marveling at the idea that I love what I do and am fairly good at it, too. It still keeps me busy during the day - which I love - but on the slower days (and evenings), I find myself with too much time on my hands and that is rarely a good thing.

Especially when people (I'm looking at you, Brad) drop little bunnies in my head. Bunnies that grow into full-scale, rabid, mutant rabbits that nibble on my brain while I'm sleeping.

Behold the mutant rabbit )

And now my happy day winds down and I'm hoping for at least a half an hour here with no one else in the office so I can gobble up another chapter of Abigail Roux's Cut & Run series because I seriously cannot get enough of Ty and Zane.


Jan. 22nd, 2013 10:49 pm
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Oh hai, book hangover. I've missed you.
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Morning spent alternately depressing myself with reading ads that sound hella promising, only to find it's a community setup that hasn't been touched since October, or one that requires all posts/comments to be 2+ detailed paragraphs long. Ugh. I'm all for prose in tags, but that's a little over the top for me. Am further guessing that the Stand/Boulder game has been abandoned for whatever reason (though I suspect lack of character apps as well as a glitch in the logic played a part). Blarg. It was a nice dream.

Got a little shot of adrenaline when I realized Zach had gone back to sleep rather than get ready for paintball and had 15 minutes to shower and assemble his gear. There was a happy little whirlwind of OMGWHEREISMY...? But he's off, and happily getting welts all over his body for the day.

I am off to brave the mall today and hopefully get a shitload of Christmas shopping done: read: all of it. I'd love to get that off my plate. Probably help if I actually write out a list of what I need to get and for whom.

Relatedly, stocking stuffers for 16/19 year old boys are getting harder and harder to find. After razors and condoms, what else is there???

Am going to make something Christmassy tomorrow to take into work to try and get myself into the holiday spirit a little more as well as provide something fun because things be tense in the department (Director is reaping the rewards of a ton of BOGSATs resulting in what will probably be missed deadlines because our IT department seriously sucks if not sat upon - and the VP ain't happy.)

Need to force myself to put down the DS in the evenings and read instead. I've got a TBR list that's topping out at 45 books right now and I want to read them ALL. Downtime probably wouldn't bother me as much if I was lost in those worlds.

Also need to stop being lured by the "Customers who bought this also bought..." thing on Amazon. I've got all these great books on my TBR...then get lured by a new shiny. Bah.

Peace out, all.


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