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I know. I've been horrid about updating this, but since I've once again left Twitter behind me in a vain effort to restore my faith in humanity/will to live, I thought I might ease back in to updating here. I'm still on Facebook and Insta, but will try to be better here for those who aren't on either of those platforms but are still passing curious about whether or not the mothership has called me home.

Alas, it hasn't.

So, a few random facts about what I've been up to.

* I've been working from home for about two years now, which means my work wardrobe is a pair of ratty old shorts (with most of the ass made up of iron-on patches) in summer, and LuLaRoe leggings in winter. It has its benefits (no commute, no annoying coworkers on their phones while I'm working or peeing) but I do miss the interaction of other humans. My dogs, however, love it.

* The dogs are well. Dexter is getting on and showing his age. We're probably going to have to face that call soon, but I'm hoping we have a few more months. Chelsea is still 20 pounds of evil, but we've discovered that going to day care three days a week gets most of the evil out and keeps her a lovely, docile little Shiba. Once Dexter crosses the bridge, we're looking into getting another Shiba for Chelsea.

* We didn't escape Matthew as unscathed as we originally thought. A little rainwater seeped into Zach's Golf and soaked the carpets....which means now there's a lovely aroma of mold about the car. Tomorrow it goes in to get the carpets and pads replaced and disinfected because a black GTI is awesome, a black mold GTI not so much.

That's it from me for now. Peace out and be excellent to each other.


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