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* World Cup has started. I have the app to let me know when every game kicks off, so I can at least try to stealth watch. May take a long lunch for the Germany game (oh the loyalties because I do love Özil)

* Speaking of stealth watching, someone needs to revoke my youtube access because I keep watching Terminator stuff. For reasons I probably shouldn't be.

* Coworker reminds me a lot of Gretchen from Mean Girls - she keeps saying "sweet jazzy" whenever something good happens or something completed. She said it to me yesterday and I nearly swiped back with "Stop trying to make Fetch happen."

* My baby boy is now a rising senior in high school. How the hell did that even happen?

* Just got through a huge site push at work and now in the lovely lull before the next flaming bag of dog poo arrives on my desk.

* I have a serious kilt disorder - even when picking my ATUF choices. I see a kilt on the cover and I make with the grabby hands.

* Have decided that I was forced to endure SharePoint 2007 for so long because only then would I truly appreciate 2010. List Extensions - let me show you my love. I am really having fun playing with it and making our department intranet site look...if not awesome, then at least cool.

* I think that's it. Peace.
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After a three year hiatus, we're back at Sand Soccer this weekend.

Which means I woke up to this:

It's the one time we play tourist in our own town and stay in a hotel on the oceanfront. Its fun, but also hella convenient because driving in every day, finding/paying for parking, etc. is a huge hassle, especially since he has games today *and* tomorrow.

Fair warning, my instagram will probably be spammed with soccer the next few days, for those that follow me.

The games are interesting, and often frustrating because with the amount of teams, they conscript people to referee who have a one-hour primer on the rules and little else. (An argument could be made that some FIFA refs have the same level of competence, but I digress...) But most of the fun is being here, the boys all hanging out for an extended sleepover, and the whole get-away thing.

After the hell of the past week, it's also a much needed break.
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...who've known me from the time my kids weren't known by their names, but as the Things (Thing 1 and Thing 2.)

So, just to share the "holy crap I feel old as hell" feeling with as many as possible, I present Thing 2 on his way to the Homecoming dance:

He is now taller than David.
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The powers that be in the local soccer league decided to have pity on the parents this year - and they broke up tournament weekend over two weekends. Two games the first Saturday, one/two games on the following Saturday (depending on whether your division is going on points or a championship game to determine the winner.)

In some ways I like it, because I don't lose a whole weekend. In others, I kind of like getting it all done in one fell swoop.

Standings for the boys:

DJ (Voltage) 2 wins, first place in the division
Zach (Strikers) 1 win, 1 tie, in second for the division based on GA.

Not too shabby.

In other news:

* So ready for the election to be over...living in a battleground state seriously sucks.

* So many game posts I want to tag...and I can't tag any of them. This gives me a sad and a lot of sighs.

* Hoping for a very quiet week at work. It would be much appreciated.

* Breaking Dawn 2 in less than two weeks. I'm pretty sure I'm going to combust at some point during this movie. Several times.

I think that's it. Be cool to each other.


Sep. 16th, 2012 04:40 pm
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I knew this was going to be a shitty weekend - have known for weeks as plans started to bump into each other.

I hate being right )
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I'm not sad, surprisingly enough. Just proud of the kid man he is...even if he is a little d-bag sometimes...

Cut for pics )


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