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Guessing there are no VA fans around for me to squee mightily with?

If you're even a fringe fan and were hesitant about seeing it because of the stupid poster and early trailers....don't be.

It was the book. So much I want to read it again right now.

Zoey *is* Rose and Danila's Dimitri is everything, EVERYTHING I wanted and more.

Yeah. Totally seeing it again tomorrow.
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[personal profile] amandioka sent me a link to this with pictures from The Host and now I seriously need it to be March.

Thank you, sweetie!!!

(And why am I having Melanie/Wanda feels? Christ, first muse I've felt needy for in a VERY long time...but again, I know I can't play her because I would want them together, or I would want an Ian and that wouldn't happen. Sigh.)
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As usual, my reaction to the movie is, right now, probably made up of mostly exclamation points, caps lock. And a lot of aldsjfldfj;la;oeifja;sldkfja;sldfja

First things first - I've never made any bones about the fact that Breaking Dawn is my favorite of all four Twilight books. I can now confirm that the movies just made me love the story that much more. Do I think it was Great Literature? No. But the story was good, engaging, fun, etc.

Bill Condon....took that great story and made it so much better.

(*also, please keep in mind that I got home at 2.30 am from Richmond, and am now up to go into work before an afternoon of rewatch)

spoilers - BD2 )
I will probably add more to this as I remember and when I'm not rushing ass to get out of the house to get Zach to school and get myself to work.

In short, an amazing finish.

I went to the marathon yesterday and it was completely awesome to watch the whole thing, start to finish, in a theater setting.


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