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* World Cup has started. I have the app to let me know when every game kicks off, so I can at least try to stealth watch. May take a long lunch for the Germany game (oh the loyalties because I do love Özil)

* Speaking of stealth watching, someone needs to revoke my youtube access because I keep watching Terminator stuff. For reasons I probably shouldn't be.

* Coworker reminds me a lot of Gretchen from Mean Girls - she keeps saying "sweet jazzy" whenever something good happens or something completed. She said it to me yesterday and I nearly swiped back with "Stop trying to make Fetch happen."

* My baby boy is now a rising senior in high school. How the hell did that even happen?

* Just got through a huge site push at work and now in the lovely lull before the next flaming bag of dog poo arrives on my desk.

* I have a serious kilt disorder - even when picking my ATUF choices. I see a kilt on the cover and I make with the grabby hands.

* Have decided that I was forced to endure SharePoint 2007 for so long because only then would I truly appreciate 2010. List Extensions - let me show you my love. I am really having fun playing with it and making our department intranet site look...if not awesome, then at least cool.

* I think that's it. Peace.
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After a three year hiatus, we're back at Sand Soccer this weekend.

Which means I woke up to this:

It's the one time we play tourist in our own town and stay in a hotel on the oceanfront. Its fun, but also hella convenient because driving in every day, finding/paying for parking, etc. is a huge hassle, especially since he has games today *and* tomorrow.

Fair warning, my instagram will probably be spammed with soccer the next few days, for those that follow me.

The games are interesting, and often frustrating because with the amount of teams, they conscript people to referee who have a one-hour primer on the rules and little else. (An argument could be made that some FIFA refs have the same level of competence, but I digress...) But most of the fun is being here, the boys all hanging out for an extended sleepover, and the whole get-away thing.

After the hell of the past week, it's also a much needed break.
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Finally finished the audio version of Skin Game. Even though I knew I could have read it faster in book form - James Marsters has *become* my Harry and I couldn't even fathom doing it any other way.

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We were on the way home from dinner tonight and I got hit with not one, not two, but three straight songs filled with RP memories.

So I started thinking about all the songs that remind me of ships, and games, long past. Amazing how, with as much as a decade of distance, even some of the ones that used to cause pain are now filled with happy nostalgia.

Here are a few of the ones that came to me as I drove.

* Collide, Howie Day - Penny and Percy
* Blue on Black, Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Dark Chaos Deatheater aftermath
* Fix You, Coldplay - Adrian and Marcus
* How to Save a Life, The Fray - Dennis and Zach
* Forever, Papa Roach - Ron and Pansy
* Brilliant Disguise, Springsteen - Zach and Blaise
* Angel Mine, Cowboy Junkies - Penny and Roger
* Promises in the Dark, Pat Benetar - Hestia and Kingsley

And there's my trip down memory lane. Feel free to share yours.

Now I'll continue watching a movie I rented thinking D would enjoy it, while he reads and ignores it (He's now expressing how much he likes it with every snore.) Which is a pity, because it's an amazing movie, no pun intended.
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* Work is getting stupid busy and I'm starting to realize I need to delegate a whole lot more if I'm going to keep doing the upper level stuff (yeah, still don't have the title but have all the responsibility.) I'm going to have to work some this weekend just to get back on top of the pile.

* Also, if anyone knows a good online Sharepoint learning resource, I'd be forever grateful.

* I've discovered that I'm a whole lot happier when I only check Twitter once or twice a day. Much better for my self-esteem when I'm just a casual observer/having direct conversations than throwing things into the ether and getting about the same response as a duck's quack in a canyon. Twitter is, at least to me, everything I hated about high school in one handy app.

* I am SO happy I decided to send Wanderer back to the island. Only the first thread in with the reason behind it and I couldn't be happier with the results. My God, the little alien is happy. That's a miracle right there.

* In other RP news, I'm cautiously eager for the AI app period in June with two hopefuls. I want them both, like a LOT. For reasons.

* Saw DoFP as a team-builder with the eBiz folks. It was a fun ride, but the very end was my favorite.

* Last night was the end of the field soccer season for us in the worst way - heartbreaking loss in penalty shoot-out for Zach's high school varsity team in the conference semi-finals. One more soccer weekend to go - Sand Soccer the second week of June. That will be a good time - a weekend spent at a beach hotel because it's easier than trying to drive out Saturday and Sunday and find parking.

* In the end, I'm picking up the pieces and moving on. I'm finding good things in my life and reasons to smile. I have nothing but my own idiocy to blame for the bad patch of late winter/early spring, but I'm doing a lot better now. Living in the present rather than looking back on what was with longing or unproductive nostalgia.

* Okay, that was a downer. So something fun and laughy. Both of my boys over the last week (aged 20 and 17) stealthily stole my Frozen DVD...and have started quoting at me. If one of them breaks out in "Let it Go" I'm noping out.
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It's been nearly two months since I updated this thing.

So. Hi. I'm not dead.

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Yesterday, we had a high temperature of 71.

Today, I'm working from home and Zach's off school because we're expecting ice and then between 3-5 inches of snow to start around noon.

I quote the awesome Gwen Stefani. This shit is bananas. B-a-n-a-n-a-s.

This is what I put on my Calendar at work when I changed my status to working from home:

A day may come when the courage of woman rises to test the mettle of a plastic car versus snow and ice, but it is not this day.

/nerd alert
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Guessing there are no VA fans around for me to squee mightily with?

If you're even a fringe fan and were hesitant about seeing it because of the stupid poster and early trailers....don't be.

It was the book. So much I want to read it again right now.

Zoey *is* Rose and Danila's Dimitri is everything, EVERYTHING I wanted and more.

Yeah. Totally seeing it again tomorrow.


Jan. 29th, 2014 02:06 pm
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We had a little snow last night.


Jan. 28th, 2014 05:46 pm
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After a DM conversation that [personal profile] sheikah and I probably found a lot funnier than it was, I came to one of those seriously annoying crashing realizations about why I'm having so much trouble coming up with anyone to app in February, for either game.


No matter who I choose, I won't get what I'm looking for.

So. There's that. Feels good to finally have the puzzle solved.

Not going anywhere for the near term, or making any sweeping changes to go with the realization save maintaining the status quo for now, and finding other things to occupy my evenings. ATUF and my new foray into iMovie are filling the bill nicely.

In non-RP news, I've found the true blessing of working from home.

Because of the impending Snowpocalypse, I left work at noon to finish out the day here. And because I was home, I was able to take a break from work and make chili for dinner and then just after I logged off, I mixed up the cornbread and put that in to bake.

This is stuff I can't do if I get home at 6 after a 30-40 minute commute.

And now my whole house smells like chili and the snow's starting to fall and stick to the ground.

Pretty awesome!
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* Have a cold, which sucks, but am going to spend the day resting on the couch with books and tea. We'll see how long that lasts.

* Missing my alien a lot. Dropping her made sense at the time, but I miss her a lot. Debating taking her to AI (or the Feb freebie.) Option A has merit, but I really wanted to bring another guy over there, and I wonder if the doors would just confuse the fuck out of her. Option B...well, I dropped her because it was difficult to play her in a vacuum. Somehow doubt that bringing her back would change anything.

* Loving the books I'm reading for ATUF for the most part. Just finished one that wasn't so hot, but after two amazing ones...there are bound to be a few misses.

* I really miss how stupidly happy I was during the spring and summer.

* Stepped briefly off my new years resolution, but I'm back on track now.

* On that note, I need to get back to working out after work. I know all it will take is that one successful trip for me to rediscover how much I love that de-stressing, I just need to actually take it.

* Whispers of big big changes at work (of the divisional reorg type) but so far no official word on it. I've applied for the position above my level at the advice of my manager in preparation for the reorg. It'll change who my boss' boss is, and could even dictate whether I trade a 40 minute commute for one much shorter...or no commute at all wherein I become a full time telecommuter. No stress there.

* I think that's it
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So far, I've had both corporate customer service as well as the regional sales manager email about the letter I wrote about our attempt to return a sweater.

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Calling myself on a semi-hiatus until Friday.

I'm up in Ohio for Christmas with my whole extended family, including the dog, and 3 of us are ill with one form of creeping crud or another - DJ and I are on heavy-ass antibiotics for pneumonia, Himself's just got a bad cough/cold.

In other words, I won't have much of a brain for tagging until we're home again.

But for now - my mom's thrilled to have us here, the boys are behaving, the dog's not being that much of an asshole, and I'm hoping the next three days are good ones.

Also - it's snowing on Christmas Eve here. Kinda beauteous.
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* Thankful for my friends. Especially my two best friends - you both know who you are and you know I'd be lost without you. I wish often that we lived closer so we could hang out in person more often - talk with mouths and facial expressions rather than with keyboards - but wishes and horses.

* Thankful that I took a chance on applying to review at an Urban Fantasy review site. I'm reading all kinds of things I never would have before and I really enjoy writing the reviews. (The fact I just read a book I've been looking forward to a month before it's publication date is just sorta gravy.)

* Thankful for writers who slave away at keyboards day and night in labors of love that open up whole new worlds for me to explore.

* Thankful that I have a job, and that it's one I enjoy.

* Thankful for my family - my parents who still rag on each other even after 49 years of marriage, my boys who, though they occasionally exasperate the hell out of me, mostly make me glad I didn't drown them at birth.

* Thankful for the interwebs for providing me with a whole slew of friends and entertainment as well as a job, if not a career.

* Thankful that my puppy merely had a reaction to the change in our local tap water (and not a parasitic infection or worse) and is on the mend.

* Finally, thankful that its cheesy Christmas romance movie time.
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Which numbers are you? (I'm pretty much all of them but some had me saying "YES" out loud)

23 signs you're a text-based roleplayer

~ Source: Buzzfeed

(Relatedly: There are some interesting classified ads up here open to current and potential players. Just sayin')
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...who've known me from the time my kids weren't known by their names, but as the Things (Thing 1 and Thing 2.)

So, just to share the "holy crap I feel old as hell" feeling with as many as possible, I present Thing 2 on his way to the Homecoming dance:

He is now taller than David.
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the usual ramble )
So. Marking today in the win column.

Arrow is on tonight. And Tomorrow People.

And Zach is on my case to start watching Supernatural. I might do this just so I can be surprised at all the assumptions I've made about the series because of Tumblr. Why not? I've got to do something while the playoffs preempt my life.
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* Zach had 3 assists in his soccer game (proud mama)

* I had a lovely lunch with my best friend which meant the world to me. It's been far too long since we've spent time together in real life, and not through email. Hugs in person are SO much better than *hugs*

* I read something that reaffirmed my faith in humanity and let me know that despite all evidence to the contrary, I'm NOT the only one that senses fins in the water and I'm thankful beyond words about it.

* I'm winning by a score of 3-1.

* I'm trying not to think about tomorrow at work and the final push for the website launch at midnight wherein I get to start pushing nearly 200 pages of content and 100 actual webpages into production. (Five people worked on the site launch last year. This year...it's just me.)

* I *am* looking forward to taking Wednesday off to celebrate the above mentioned launch.

* I have come to accept that posting anything is better when you treat it like fishing. When you cast that line and drop the bait....sometimes you get a bite, sometimes you get a lot, but the best approach is to not expect anything at all. Doesn't mean the fish don't like your bait, just that they're not hungry right then.

* And I've learned that I continue to suck at getting dinner. Maybe I'll go on fucking strike.
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...a new one just begun.

All things considered, this wasn't the best birthday I've ever had, but it wasn't the worst, either. (I'm going for that power of positive thinking thing.)

Got a beautiful start to the day with a gift card for a metric ass-ton of crack Kindle books from my BFF, though. And that means everything.

It was made fabulous late in the day with the US Men's National Team clinching a berth for the World Cup...and made even moreso when the players came back out of the locker room after the Panama/Honduras match concluded and celebrating with the hundred-odd fans that hung around Columbus stadium.

I still don't know what I'm going to get myself for a present - maybe some new tops for work. Party party party, I know.

I'm coming to accept that I've lost a few people I used to call friends. I don't know why, I wish I did, but for whatever reason, I've drifted out of their lives. It's not the suckiest feeling ever, but it's not a bowl of Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, either.

I've got a few little projects kicking around my head - one of which entirely insane - and I've decided to try and start cross stitching in the evenings again now that the fall shows are starting up again. Beats the alternative anyway.

And that, as they say, is that.

Peas out and carrots, too.
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There are a lot of things I should be doing right now. A lot of productive things like grocery lists, scanning pictures, cleaning, writing of an RP nature.

navel gazing about RP )

tl;dr - I have errands to run, house to clean, and very probably some decisions to make.

In other news, I love Bed Bath & Beyond (and their very fluid return policy) because it means I no longer have a nine year old Dyson. I now have one that made that 9 year old look like a broom in comparison...all without having to sell an internal organ.
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And, thankfully, whatever was causing the humidity has gone the way of the dodo. It's sunny, cool, and the air is dry again. Glory be.

As I head back into the world of the productive, I have to do:

* Canon reread for The Stand (including finding journal name and PB)

* Read the PJO series finally - saw the second movie today and despite a certain voice in my head grumbling...a LOT...during most of it, I think I want to read the true version, not the movie one.

* Bask in awesomeness of Nexus

* Still need to do that head-out-of-ass thing

* Possibly read Ender's Game, though I'm wondering if that's possible at all

* Stop thinking about being lost in caves.

And now, one last afternoon listening to the waves crash outside the house as well as the sound of screaming children running like heathens around the house (will miss the first, not so much the second.)
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Random discussion about me being older than dinosaurs devolved into the following:

Zach (to DJ): Yeah? Well, your mom's the big bang
Me: *raised eyebrow @ Zach*
Zach: I feel so bad
Me: No you don't. The fact you're chuckling says you don't feel bad
Zach: I'm actually chortling, not chuckling
DJ: What is a chortle
Zach: It's a type of cake
DJ: Really?

Ladies and gentleman, my pride and joy.
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I know I have a few of you still lurking around here, so passing on a new game that's got me all bouncy.

Ducking back into pseudo-lurk.
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To all of you on your way to Comic Con right now...

...I loathe you from the bottom of my twisted, jealous heart.

P.S. Have a freaking blast!
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Further to the huge image I posted last night - and a comment from [personal profile] likebunnies I'm reposting my Nimbus memories (both the pre-squeeage and the after post as well.

I think we all know my crappy iconning skilz by now (as evidenced by the one I altered for this post) but I gave it my best shot :)

So many names in these entries, so many memories. I feel like I jumped feet first into the nostalgia pool and I seriously don't want to climb out again. I want to go back in time to that wonderful weekend and live it all over again.

July 16, 2003 )

July 22, 2003 )
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The LJ Users sign up from Nimbus (which was ten years ago this month for those that want a brief mind-blown moment.)

More than a few names on there that are blasts from the past - mine isn't, though, because back then, my LJ name was still my full name. I think it was after Nimbus that I made the switch to the current name.

Booyah! Thanks [personal profile] smilie117 and [personal profile] likebunnies I found me!

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